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    The 5 Steps to Beating Candida

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    Latest Blog Post


    Candidadietplan is closed now — Back in July!

    Hey! Hope you're enjoying the summer. Not sure if I told you this, but it's my dream to run a health retreat, so we can actually meet in person, take good care of our health and at the same time relax and eat tasty health promoting foods :)

    True to

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    The Candida Diet Book that Changed Everything for Me!

    Having read a million and one websites for useful Candida diet information I can count the Candida books I have read on one hand.

    This particular book: Erica White's Beat Candida Cookbook was one of the first ones I read, and it had a huge impact on

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    14 day Candida Diet Reset/ Weight-Loss Challenge – Wanna Join Me?

    Just a quick update... I'm doing an impromptu 14 day challenge. Since I am determined to get my diet back on track and get a bit more toned for my holiday in June I thought I might as well declare my weight loss goal publicly, so you can hold me accountable

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    Candida diet update after vacation – relapse after drinking G&T?

    As you might have noticed from me dropping off the radar, I haven’t been around these past ten days. Two lots of friends of us got married and so we found ourselves driving across country (twice!) to celebrate their union!

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    Sandra Boehner

    Nutrition Habits & Lifestyle Coach

    Sandra Boehner is an expert on all things related to the Candida Diet. Through an extensive amount of research, she was able to cure herself from Candida after 6 years of being misdiagnosed by various Doctors. She writes regular posts on the causes, symptoms and treatment of Candida, and has helped hundreds of sufferers recover from their condition through natural healing.

    Sandra’s approach to overcoming Candida involves a cleansing, low sugar diet, probiotics and natural antifungals. It’s important to get the right combination of these elements because if left untreated, your situation will worsen causing an enormous amount of discomfort from additional side effects and could be life threatening.

    Don’t worry, Sandra has you covered – she is on a mission to cure the world from systemic Candida infections and chronic illness.

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