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How is it going ? We had a cracking time in the ****5 Day Candida Diet 101 Bootcamp**** that just ended.

Over 125 minutes worth of instructional live streaming video content as well as scrumptious recipes, bundles of encouragement and actually getting your burning questions answered!

You didn’t miss it, did you? 

Not to worry, you can still watch the video replays and browse through the conversations in the group. But you have to be quick. The content will be gone by next Friday the latest.

>>> But first, answer a few questions for me please, will you? 

>>>> CLICK HERE to view the questions!!!

feedback from the 5 day candida diet bootcamp

These are the topics we covered:

— How to tell the Candida diet is working? 

— 5 Most Common Pitfalls When Eating Out 🍟🧀

— What to do when you have so many food intolerances? 🥐🍞 The no. 1 remedy you need to start healing!

— Hidden sugar, gluten and unhealthy additives to look for – double-check the food labels for the ingredients I‘m going to share with you 🙃



Before you check out any of the videos or recipes in the group that you might have missed I really need you to give me some feedback please.

candida diet bootcamp survey

If you did take part in the bootcamp I’d like to know what you loved, and if you didn’t I’d like to know the reason why you did NOT join

This enables me to create more training content to help solve your health issues in the future. 



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